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What kind of security does ABZ Self Storage facility Offer?

ABZ Self Storage offers a new and clean facility.  Self Storage units are accessed via an electronic gate and pin pad upon entrance and exit which is logged.  Tall fences and barbwire aid in detering unauthorized individuals.  Cameras are set to record 24 hours a day.   All of the self storage buildings have heat detectors and fire pull boxes.  We are open 7 days a week.


Some self storage facilities hold a key to my unit, do you?

ABZ Self Storage does NOT hold a key to your unit.  Tenants can use their own lock or purchase a lock from our showroom.


Are there other features that are provided?

ABZ Self Storage provides online account management.  This allows tenants to make online payments, receive rent reminders, and more.  A full line of moving supplies are kept on site.  We also provide an onsite dumpster which can be used for a fee. 


ABZ Self Storage makes every effort to provide a secure and convenient service.  Please don't hesitate to make suggestions.  You can contact us at any time.




  • When packing place heavy objects in smaller boxes and lighter objects in large boxes. 
  • Try to keep all belongings off the concrete.  This allows air to travel freely around your things keeping them safe.
  • Leaning your belongings on the wall of your self storage unit can damage the unit as well as your belongings.  Please make every attempt to allow your belongings to sit freely on the ground.
  • When storing a motor vehicle it is important to understand that many can discharge fluids while unattended.  In order to keep ABZ Self Storage clean we recommend placing a tray or liquid absorbing pads underneath all motor vehicles.  This keeps our facility clean and new so we can continue to provide you with the best service.
  • Disassemble and cover all furniture, this protect your belongings and allows you to store more.
  • Lay books flat and do not place them directly on the floor, use small boxes because of the weight.
  • When stacking boxes place the heaviest ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top.
  • To avoid damage to clothing pack them in wardrobe boxes.  ABZ Self Storage provides a full line of boxes including wardrobe boxes.
  • Place large appliances and infrequently accessed items in the rear of your storage unit.  Clearly label all boxes for convenience.